Centri-V 1486 Centrifuge

Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce re-spins and re-mixes.

The 1486 spins test tubes, up to 16.5 x 128mm, at speeds up to 3,300 RPM, with microprocessor speed control. G-forces up to 1,732xg will produce platelet-poor plasma in minutes. Smooth acceleration and deceleration keep fecal sample's coverslips in place.
  • Process Fecal, Blood and Urine samples
  • Maintains constant temperature in centrifuge chamber through innovative vortex ventilation system
  • Wide mouth Stainless Steel chamber for easy clean-up
  • All digital display with anti-spill touch-pad controls, digital timer and tachometer
  • Life-extending, brushless, temperature-controlled motor
  • Whisper quiet (‹70dB)

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DRAMIŃSKI Estrous Detector for cows and mares

Determines the most fertile moment for breeding in animals.

The application of the most advanced technology enables for the breeder to determine very precisely the exact momment of the estrous cycle when the ovulation takes place (also in the case of so called silent heat!!!).

The Estrous Detector monitors changes in electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus. Measurements are taken simply by properly inserting the probe in the vagina and taking the reading. No prior technical knowledge on the part of the operator is required. The big, easy-to-grip handle ensures that the instrument is not easily kicked out of the user's hand and the easy-to-read display makes reading the results more convenient.

One or two daily readings over several successive days are recommended for fail-safe detection of estrous.

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DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi for cows

DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi is a portable ultrasound scanner for professional diagnosis in reproduction in small and large animals.

This is the first ultrasound scanner for professionals that combines full portability, superior picture quality and extreme durability!

How to use DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi?
Complete comfort of use, even in the most demanding conditions, is provided by small size and light weight.

DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi provides you with extreme flexibility because it can work both with rectal and abdominal probe.

Why single out DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi?

Because we offer you:
2 year warranty
reliable and fast customer service (repairs within 48 hours)
very long operation time (9h max)
numerous extra features:

superior picture quality
B and B+B Mode
2 times zoom
backfat measurement
built-in memory for scanned pictures (up to 200 in standard and even more on your request)
Cine-Loop memory (up to 119 frames)
data transmission to PC
high impact durable casing and construction
multiple uses: for examination in both large and small animals

32nd day of cow bigeminal bicornis pregnancy

Standard equipment consists of the following:
mechanical sector 5.0 MHz probe (abdominal for sows, ewes and bitches or rectal for cows and mares)
2 external rechargeable batteries
a full set of cables
straps to carry scanner round the neck and hip
gel for ultrasonography (250ml)
manual written in clear and comprehensible language
handy case

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Give Your Face an Ultrasound Workout

Give Your Face an Ultrasound WorkoutChances are you don't subscribe to a medical journal entitled Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. But if you did, you could have read a fascinating article written by a medical research team School of Community Health Sciences in Nottingham, England about how ultrasound massage rejuvenates skin in people both young and old.

Recruiting ten volunteers as young as 18, the British skin care scientists carefully measured the effects of ultrasound massage on facial skin. The researchers had two goals. First, they wanted to be absolutely sure that this massage method had no detrimental effects on the skin. Secondly, they wanted to verify that ultrasound workouts stimulate and rejuvenate skin at all ages.

Ultrasound does not heat the skin, but increases skin circulationThe researchers verified that ultrasound does not heat the skin. This finding was very important to make sure ultrasound machine is safe. Then the researchers found that if the device was used for as little as 2 minutes, the circulation to the skin measurably increased.

What is the significance of increased circulation to the skin? Here are the two basic reasons:

Increased skin circulation brings oxygen, nutrients, and hormones into the skin.
Increased skin circulation carries inflammatory agents, allergens, and white blood cells that done their work away from the skin.

Ultrasound Skin Therapy ExplainedAfter ultrasound, the skin receives more proteins to make its own collagen and elastin. Collagen inside the skin keeps it plump and supple. Elastin helps it stretch when the tissues beneath it move, but allows it to spring back to its normal, beautiful contours.

Ultrasound machine also provides many of the benefits more commonly associated with a process called microdermabrasion. Instead of applying an extremely gentle abrasive solution to the skin, ultrasound "jiggles" skin cells just enough to loosen dead skin but not so much as to damage living tissues. Dead skin cells are lifted off the skin so that a simple cleanse after an ultrasound session is all you need to restore a natural texture to the skin.

Ultrasound machine helps reduce sagging skin and more...Ultrasound also helps soften lines and reduce facial wrinkles. The effect of the ultrasound machine may not be immediate. However, as the skin creates more collagen and elastin, it gains more and more flexibility, allowing creases and crow's feet and other kinds of wrinkles simply to disappear.

You won't see results overnight, but you will see them over few weeks.

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